Our approach allows for cost effective small quantity production, rapid production research and development analysis, and green chemistries.


BPP is a company committed to participating in the global effort to relieve the pain and suffering of the human condition


We are creating a unique nexus to substantially drive the cost to manufacture high-quality, high-yield, API’s for the benefit of all peoples.

Our Process

Our turn-key, manufacturing, continuous flow facility innovations are highly automated, controlled and inexpensive to build and operate.  We have worked closely with the EPA to ensure that our facilities have the lowest environmental impact and smallest manufacturing foot print size possible.  These features allow us to drive down drug costs and create a distributive, global, world-wide network of modular manufacturing facilities enabling Medicines-for-Demand.

What Our Customers Think:

  • Frank Gupton, Ph.D.
    Medicine For All selected BPP as our manufacturing partner because of their commitment to innovation.  We are convinced that their continuous flow methods will address the global demand for low cost, high quality API's.
    Frank Gupton, Ph.D.
    Chair of the Department of Chemical and Life Science Engineering, VCU
  • Peter Werth, Chairman and CEO ChemWerth and Werth Family Investment Associates
    ChemWerth has partnered with BPP to facilitate their innovative API discovery, development and manufacturing processes because we believe BPP's solution will result in better, quicker and higher quality solutions to supply global medicine demand.
    Peter Werth, Chairman and CEO ChemWerth and Werth Family Investment Associates

Our News

February 19, 2018

Medicine-for-All Institute (VCU) selects BPP as First Commercial Manufacturing Partner

RICHMOND, VA  — Bright Path Pharmaceuticals, LLC (privately held) today announced that the Medicines for All Institute, a joint venture between Virginia Commonwealth University and the […]
December 8, 2017

ChemWerth’s Dr. Xiping Su joins BPP’s Board

RICHMOND, VA  —  Bright Path Pharmaceuticals, LLC (privately held), today announced that ChemWerth’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Xiping Su, has joined the Board of the company following […]
August 28, 2017

Todd N. Smith joins BPP Board

CHARLOTTE, NC — Bright Path Pharmaceuticals, LLC (privately held) today announced that Todd N. Smith, Chairman and CEO of Novum Pharma will join the Board.  Mr. […]