Vision Statement

“We envision a world where everyone has access to high quality pharmaceuticals at the lowest possible price.”

Mission Statement

“To fulfill this Vision, we want to be the preeminent global pharmaceutical API manufacture – the first choice of clients, team members and partners in the rapidly evolving crossroads of chemistry, manufacturing, technology and global demand for high quality, inexpensive pharmaceuticals.”

Values Statement

We believe that these six guiding principles will enable us to best deliver on the promise represented in our corporate Mission Statement.  These principles guide our actions and shape our business.  They influence the way we work with our partners and fellow stake-holders and the way we service our clients, and to these principles we hold ourselves responsible:

  • Partnerships – We believe that to fulfill our Mission we must conduct our business in a spirit of partnership engaging a broad spectrum of stake-holders who are driven by the same Vision. Therefore, we will engage non-profits, global payors, governments, academic institutions, regulators, investors and patients to execute our business plans.
  • Innovation – We believe that collaboration fosters an innovative culture. Innovative cultures are marked by a compulsion for continuous improvement.  By engaging experts in their disciplines, the company is driven by new ideas and solutions to meet our Mission in a sustainable manner.
  • Integrity – We believe in cultivating a reputation of doing the right things first by doing all things honestly, transparently and with straight-forward communication.
  • Feedback – We believe that feedback is a gift and we will foster a culture where feedback is expected and welcomed, both positive and constructive from all stake-holders.
  • Accountability – We believe that by taking individual responsibility to perform one’s duty on time creates client satisfaction, team successes and individual fulfillment, and to this standard we hold ourselves accountable.
  • Quality – We believe that quality is defined by producing accurate, complete, on-time deliverables 100% of the time. We believe that quality must be measured to ensure satisfied clients and reward team and individual successes.